Laishley Reed LLP in Toronto is a commercial litigation practice. Our clients face challenging problems and difficult decisions.

We provide expert advice and representation, and work with our clients to develop the best possible approach to their situations.

Our clients have the peace of mind that comes from hiring practical, experienced and insightful counsel.

  • All areas of tax administration and enforcement, including complex and unusual tax problems (audit issues, appeal work, investigations, prosecutions, collection matters, Taxpayer Relief and Voluntary Disclosures)
  • Shareholder Litigation
  • Intellectual Property/Confidential Information Litigation
  • Fraud Disputes
  • Fidelity Insurance, commercial fraud, liability and property insurance matters
  • Estate Litigation
  • Bankruptcy and Creditors Rights
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Employment law (employers and employees)
  • Defamation
  • Breach of Contract
  • Major Restructurings
  • Receiverships and Reorganizations for Debtors
  • Financial Restructuring, Proposal and Bankruptcy (for high net worth clients)
  • Commercial disputes between condominium corporations and third parties
  • Legal issues related to condominium governance
Laishley Reed LLP is committed to excellence in serving
all clients including people with disabilities.